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Time and again it has been referred to as one of the trendsetters of current times and is surely here for the long haul… E-commerce is the new way of doing business though it has been around for quite a long time it has gained popularity with the tremendous increase in users of the internet especially on portable devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

Possibly the most economical and easiest way of buying and selling products and services are e-commerce websites which surely do help in the growth of your business by making it easier for both the customer and the seller. Generally e-commerce websites have the front end and the backend in order to process information and the payments etc. The frontend must be easily accessible whereas the backend must be organised really well.

The following consists of our e-commerce Front-end and Back-end Module:

Front End Module:

  • Convenient Placement of Order
  • Viewing, Adding, Editing and Deleting items to/from the shopping cart
  • Buying products via the shopping cart
  • View product information with ease
  • Registration for new user and login for registered users
  • Checkout and payment system

Admin/Back End Module:

  • Logins of different types (Administrator and Sub-Administrators
  • Addition, Editing and Deletion of Products
  • Detailed Description and Explanation of the Product
  • Management of Orders
  • Announcement of Offers
  • Uploading of Images
  • Easy Payment Method
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